Differences between t-shirts


Why do we present 3 different t-shirts? What are the differences between each one?

Beyond the design, from the first moment we were convinced that our t-shirts had to stand out for being light, comfortable and breathable. Properties that, as runners, we value above anything else.

Once we selected different types of fabrics that gather with all our requirements, we spend several weeks testing them with different women and men and also in different climatic situations. Finally we chose two of them. But... what is the main difference between them? One is very breathable and lightweight and the other is extremely breathable and lightweight. The evidence showed us that women preferred the first one while in the men's case, there was a disparity of opinions. This led us decide to work with a single fabric in the case of female models and to work with both in the case of men's.

For all those reasons, we come through with 3 different models:

Light: female model, light, comfortable and breathable, with a fabric suitable for carrying backpack and that can be used in all situations, even hottest situations.

Endurance: masculine model, lightweight, comfortable and breathable that combines the two fabrics (with the one more ventilated in the armpits). Suitable for carrying backpack and for all situations.

Minimal: more extreme male model, the perfect garment for those who look for an extremely light and breathable material without giving up comfort. In this case the type of fabric is thought to be used without backpack or belt, the friction with these elements may cause peeling effect.