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    Komland takes care of every detail in order to offer the best quality product. We work with local companies so we can guarantee quality and good practice. 100% of the manufacturing process is done in Barcelona.

    Our fabrics are sourced from leading international companies. Experienced athletes are involved in every step of the testing process so we can ensure the finest product. Komland guarantees the highest quality and it is the ideal choice for those runners who expect the best.


    All designs have been developed by a group of designers with extensive experience in the field of sports fashion. Komland presents exclusivity and differentiation in their products: We leave classic designs to offer new styles.

    We avoid producing large runs of the same design: each Komland model is part of a limited edition piece. This will promote the renewal of the product and the constant evolution of the brand thanks to the costumer’s advices and demands.


    Never look for excuses, train hard and the results will come. Enjoy the journey as it is more important than the result itself. If things do not go as you hoped, don't worry, keep working and value the important things in life. Take the time to celebrate when results arrive and then set the bar even higher for the next goal.
    We are runners and for this reason our main goal is that our products become your trusted allies to reach your ultimate potential.


    We are constantly working to make sure that your experience with Komland is excellent. For us it begins by offering you a buying process that is simple, fast and secure. This is why we offer secure payment systems and work only with the best transport companies. You will always have 30 days upon receiving our product to exchange or return it. In addition, please email us with any questions or concerns and we will reply within 24 hours.